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She did not know why she carried her phone with her when the mere sound of it set her teeth on edge. She clenched her fist around the mobile device and stubbornly refused to open her eyes, determined to enjoy the last half hour of sunlight before it set below the horizon. Still it buzzed on within her hand, twice for each text. That had to be four texts.

Soft golden curls cascaded over the side of the ancient boulder, fair skin bare besides a creamy slip of cotton and intricate lace. The fleeting summer sun trickled down through the leaves of the trees to form dappled patterns along the stone and it’s company.

The phone buzzed again, another two times and this time the woman flicked the sound off with a single manicured nail. She squeezed her eyes shut, tipping her head back further to catch the sun squarely. Different colours moved about behind her lids, red and oranges, sometimes a sparkling white. Colours so different from those of Greece with her blue’s and greens and whites…what if he needed her? what if something had gone wrong and he needed her? She dug her fingers into the lace of her dress and bit back a groan of frustration. Why couldn’t she escape him? it seemed there was no place she could go where her thoughts or her heart would allow her peace.

Her eyes fluttered open as the sound of steps drawing nearer registered within her mind. She had heard them for a bit and simply ignored them. This was Central Park, sunset or not, there were still people wandering about and the later it got, the stranger the inhabitants of the Park would get. It was this that registered within her dulled senses and drew her up to a sitting position, resting on her arms as she leaned out to look about her. A strap of her dress had fallen from her shoulder and her hair tumbled all to one side, yet she paid no heed. She feared little these days and she would not have felt that…urgency if whoever lingered near were not someone she ought to take care with. You live in Manhattan long enough, you understand how the city and it’s people work. You understand what is worth paying attention to, and what simply doesn’t matter.

A gust of wind blew her hair before her, causing a shiver to run down her spine as the heat of the day dispersed with the coming of night. Her eyes could find nothing, but that didn’t mean nothing was there. She straightened further and adjusted the strap of her dress, brushing her skirts down as she threw her legs over the side of the boulder. The phone buzzed again and angrily she glanced down at it, 

Six new texts from G.Gordon

She tucked the phone away without reading them. She was distressed enough as it were, and she simply wasn’t ready for the discussion she knew he wanted to have.

She looked up once again to see if she could spot anyone and this time she saw someone. She raised a brow, “can I help you? or do you simply intend to brood in the shadows for the rest of the evening?”

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